EDSC (formerly TCG) special meeting 5 in-between sessions

Formerly known as the Technical Cooperation Group on SDG 4 indicators or TCG, the Education Data and Statistics Commission (EDSC) is meeting on 4 July 2024. The objectives of the meeting are to:

  1. Update members on recent developments related to SDG 4 indicators.
  2. Discuss work plans for 2024-2026 to take forward the recommendations of the Conference on Education Data and Statistics and EDSC (formerly TCG) decisions.
  3. Update on the review of the SDG 4 global indicator framework and steps towards a review of the SDG 4 thematic indicators.
  4. Update on pending EDSC decisions.
  5. Follow up on the SDG 4 High-level Steering Committee decisions related to the Transforming Education Summit (TES).
  6. Prepare the agenda for the upcoming EDSC meeting.

List of documents

Concept note

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Review of the SDG 4 indicators framework

  • SDG4 Indicator Framework Review
  • Reporting SDG indicator 4.1.1a: Developments to date
  • Proposal for the replacement of indicator 4.6.1

........Background documents

Terms of Reference of Working Groups and Task Forces

........Background documents

Decisions of EDSC and Transforming Education Summit

  • Progress with the implementation of ISCED-T : recommendations moving forward
  • Metadata SDG indicator 13.3.1 on greening education

List of presentations