SDG 4 Data Digests

The 2020 edition of the SDG 4 Data Digest, Using Household Survey Data to Monitor SDG 4 by the UIS focuses on household surveys as an important and underutilized tool to collect the data needed to track progress towards SDG 4 and to ensure that no one is left behind.

This issue of the Digest is aimed at government officials, national planners, donors and others who make decisions about the implementation of nationally representative household surveys.

The Digest describes existing survey programmes and offers advice on the design and implementation of new surveys. The Digest identifies a number of advantages to using household surveys and describes the categories of indicators best suited for monitoring with survey data.

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Meeting Commitments. Are Countries on Track to Achieve SDG 4?


This joint publication Meeting Commitments. Are Countries on Track to Achieve SDG 4? by the UIS and the Global Education Monitoring Report

 (GEMR) for the 2019 High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development captures concisely how far the world is from achieving its education targets.

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Quick Guide to Education Indicators for SDG 4


This Quick Guide to Education Indicators for SDG 4 serves as a quick reference on how to monitor progress towards SDG 4 on quality education.

It provides basic explanations of SDG 4 targets, their indicators, how they are
created and where to find the information needed for these indicators.

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Efficiency and Effectiveness in Choosing and Using EMIS

This aim of this report is to assist countries to make a more informed choice in relation to EMIS by developing a set of standards to illustrate what an EMIS must be able to do, in order to supply accurate, valid information to education sector policymakers and school managers and international organizations to whom most countries owe reporting.

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Buyer's and user's guide

Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4

This Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4 provides further operational guidance on how to implement data collection from the viewpoint of existing global commitments related to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) indicators. The guide elaborates on the processes followed by the UIS as the custodian agency of most indicators in SDG 4 to aggregate and curate the data and explores the key, characteristics of existing national EMIS to illustrate the capacity of EMIS to produce administrative data. Moreover, it proposes a set of standards to illustrate and support countries in their efforts to collect and produce better quality data.

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