The UNESCO Institute for Statistics has 3 pillars,
all of which encompass capacity-building

Standards and Methodologies

International classifications and mappings to national systems such as guidebooks, operational manuals, and visual diagrams have been produced and are continuously updated. Guides to data production and technical papers for methodologies for education, Research and Experimental Development (R&D), Information and Communications Technology (ICT), culture data are also part of the Institute's products.

Data Production

Surveys, such as the Formal Survey of Education, the Literacy and Educational Attainment Survey, as well as the Research and Experimental Development (R&D) Survey and others in culture are tools developments by the Institute. Metadata for global and thematic indicators, from definitions of key concepts to data sources are produced and freely available, ensuring transparency.

Brokering and Outreach

Record and coordinate donor support with a Virtual Register dedicated to specific actions and themes such as the COVID-19 pandemic and EMIS.

It also ensures global coordination through various initiatives and websites, strengthens capacities in responding the pandemic and assists in the implementation of projects aimed to the collection of data to monitor SDG targets.

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