SDG 4 Scorecard progress report on national benchmarks: focus on teachers

This second edition of the SDG 4 Scorecard was launched during the first session of the Conference on Education Data and Statistics. It demonstrates the efforts that countries have been making since 2015 towards achieving their 2025 and 2030 national benchmarks – their targets, which represent their intended contributions to the achievement of SDG 4, the global education goal.

While the SDG Summit showed that progress towards all global education targets was well off track, the 2024 SDG 4 Scorecard produced by the UIS in partnership with the GEM Report shows that progress towards national targets is also insufficient. Countries are making good progress in connecting schools to the internet and in raising teacher qualifications, but progress on the six other benchmark indicators is not on course. For instance, two thirds of countries with data have made no or slow progress towards their upper secondary completion rate targets since 2015. Countries are even moving backwards on closing gender gaps in upper secondary completion and on public expenditure on education.

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