Technical Advisory Group on SDG indicator 4.1.1

  • The UIS convened a TAG of experts to refine the eligibility criteria that assessments should meet for reporting on SDG 4.1.1, with emphasis on SDG 4.1.1.a (early grades) given its recent downgrade from Tier I to Tier II during the IAEG/SDG meeting in October 2023.
  • The first TAG meeting (4-6 March) reviewed the Criteria for Eligibility for reporting:
    1. alignment/validity;
    2. item content/quality;
    3. sample representativeness/rigor;
    4. assessment administration;
    5. data custodianship, reliability, and linking to the MPL.
  • The second TAG meeting (14-16 May 2024) reviewed the evidence from the analysis of existing databases and discussed benchmark-setting.



Timeline 4.1.1a