TCG7 WG Meeting GAML

The working group met twice before the TCG 7th meeting:

Agenda for 21 and 23 October Meetings (pdf)

21 October 2020
Addressing the Measurement Challenges on SDG4. Progress in Methodological Work in Learning Assessments
  by Silvia, Montoya, UIS
IEA's Rosetta Stone. Implementation and Methodology
  by Lale Khorramdel (TIMSS & PIRLS ISC) and Oliver Neuschmidt (IEA)
ERCE 2019 and Rosetta Stone in LAC: A quick Update
  by Carlos Henríquez Calderón, LLECE, UNESCO
Progress on Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes
Proficiency Framework Update and Uses
  by Melissa Chiappetta
Proposed Revisions to Minimum Proficiency Levels SDG 4.1.1
  by Juliette Mendelovits, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
PISA for Development: Out-of-School Initiative (OOSi)
  by Michael Ward. OECD
Update on TIMSS 2019 and 2023
  by Oliver Neuschmidt, (IEA)
ICAN International Common Assessment of Numeracy
  by Ketan , PAL-Network
Updates on Southeat Asia Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM)
  by Dr Ethel Agnes Pascua-Valenzuela, SEAMEO


23 October 2020
Evaluation du PASEC en Afrique Subaharienne francophone, lien avec le suivi de l'ODD4
  by Hilaire Hounkpodote, PASEC
Realizing the rights of girls with disabilities through inclusive statistics
  by Claudia Cappa, UNICEF
GAML Taskforce 4.6 Progress Report 2020
  by Nicolas Jonas, UIL 
Using Learning Assessments to Report on SDG 4 Non-Cognitive Indicators
The Children Completing and Learning Indicator
  by Silvia Montoya, UIS
Learning Poverty Gaps: The Importance of Inequality Sensitive Learning Measures
New Initiatives to Address Coverage Gaps. A lifecycle Approach, Measurement Through Phones
  by Joao Pedro Azevedo, World Bank
Pandemic-related Disruptions to Schooling and Possible Impacts on Learning Proficiency Indicators (Access presentation in Spanish here)
  by Martin Gustafsson, University of Stellenbosh
Phone-based Learning Assessments: Early Data and Lessons (forthcoming)
  by Noam Angrist, Young 1ove  
Learning During COVID-19 Crisis: Simulations and Data Collection
  by Joao Pedro Azevedo, World Bank
Pilot of SDG 4.7.6 Breadth of Skills Indicator: Interim Reporting
  by Esther Care


WG/GAML/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/GAML/2 Terms of reference
WG/GAML/3 Children Completing and Learning Indicator
WG/GAML/4 Global Proficiency Framework
  - For Reading
  - For Mathematics
WG/GAML/5 Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Toolkit
  Summary: Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Update
WG/GAML/6 Minimum Proficiency Levels: Revisions Proposed by ACER
WG/GAML/7 Learning Poverty: Measurement and Simulations
WG/GAML/8 Virtual registry of donors
WG/GAML/9 SDG Indicator 4.5.2 (Home Language): Methodological Note
SDG Indicator 4.a.2 (School Bullying): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/11 SDG Indicator 4.a.1 (School Environment): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/12 4.c.7 Recent Professional Development
WG/GAML/13 GAML Taskforce 4.6 Progress Report 2020
Learning through the lifecycle in multi-topic national household surveys
WG/GAML/15 4.7.6 Breadth of Skills Interim Pilot Report