TCG7 Documents

All documents are classified by purpose:

  • Working documents (W) are short methodological notes with a proposed decision.
  • Reference documents (REF) support or provide extra information about the monitoring framework and/or theoretical and empirical developments that are foundational to the methodological notes.
  • Information documents (I) share tools or developments related to the SDG4 measurement agenda.
  • Working group documents (WG) are specific notes for working group discussions. They are numbered as WG/WG acronym/Number. The following acronyms are utilized:
    • EMIS: Administrative data / EMIS
    • HHS: Household surveys
    • GAML: Learning assessments / GAML
    • T: Teachers
    • F: Finance
    • EiE: Education in Emergencies

Working, reference and information documents

Name of document
TCG 7 Concept note
TCG 7 List of participants
TCG: Report for 2020; 7th TCG Meeting Report and Indicator Development for 2020
# Working documents
TCG-7/W/1 TCG 7 Agenda
TCG-7/W/2 TCG 7 Post-meeting consultation (decision booklet) - draft
Position paper - Indicators to track the monitoring of COVID impact
TCG-7/W/4 Benchmarks for SDG 4 Indicators: a basis for discussion
TCG-7/W/EMIS/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG EMIS
TCG-7/W/HHS/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG Household surveys
TCG-7/W/GAML/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG GAML
TCG-7/W/T/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG Teachers
TCG-7/W/F/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG Finance
TCG-7/W/EiE/1 Recommendations for TCG plenary WG Education in Emergencies
# Reference documents
TCG-7/REF/1 IAEG-SDG 2020 Revision Framework – Report to the 51st UNSC
TCG-7/REF/2 TCG Progress Report 2019-2020
Towards a successful Decade of Action for SDG 4 through the use of benchmarks
# Information documents
Coverage rate of key indicators in the UIS database: Definition and calculation method
TCG-7/I/2 UIS methodology for aggregation of national education data to regional and global estimates
TCG-7/I/3 Population data sources for SDG indicator calculations (by OECD)
TCG-7/I/4 Survey of COVID-19 Impact on National Education Planning Units

Working group documents - household surveys

# Name of document
WG/HHS/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/HHS/2 Terms of reference
WG/HHS/3 Adjusted Bayesian Completion Rates (ABC) Estimation - Technical Report
WG/HHS/4 Regional and global averages
WG/HHS/5 4.1.4 Out-of-school children: Methodological review update
WG/HHS/6 Issues and recommended approaches for using disability variables for education indicators in household surveys (MICS 6)
WG/HHS/7 4.5.4 Household expenditure: Processing education expenditure data from household surveys

Working group documents - administrative data / EMIS

# Name of document
WG/EMIS/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/EMIS/2 Terms of reference
WG/EMIS/3 Efficiency and Effectiveness in Choosing EMIS
WG/EMIS/4 Operational Guide to Using EMIS to Monitor SDG 4
WG/EMIS/5 Data Innovation for Producing SDG 4 Indicators: A Global Analytical Report

Working group documents - Learning assessments / GAML

# Name of document
WG/GAML/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/GAML/2 Terms of reference
WG/GAML/3 Children Completing and Learning Indicator
WG/GAML/4 Global Proficiency Framework
  - For Reading
  - For Mathematics
WG/GAML/5 Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Toolkit
  Summary: Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Updates
WG/GAML/6 Minimum Proficiency Levels: Revisions Proposed by ACER
WG/GAML/7 Learning Poverty: Measurement and Simulations
WG/GAML/8 Virtual registry of donors
WG/GAML/9 SDG Indicator 4.5.2 (Home Language): Methodological Note
SDG Indicator 4.a.2 (School Bullying): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/11 SDG Indicator 4.a.1 (School Environment): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/12 4.c.7 Recent Professional Development
WG/GAML/13 GAML Taskforce 4.6 Progress Report 2020
Learning through the lifecycle in multi-topic national household surveys
WG/GAML/15 4.7.6 Breadth of Skills Interim Pilot Report

Working group documents - Teacher

# Name of document
WG/T/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/T/2 Terms of reference for the working groups
WG/T/3 Development of Teacher Attrition Indicator in the OECD-NESLI Network
WG/T/4 Current Status and Next Steps for SDG Indicators 4.c.1 to 4.c.4
WG/T/5 Current Status and Next Steps for ISCED-T
WG/T/6 Current Status and Next Steps for SDG Indicator 4.c.5
WG/T/7 SDG 4.c.7 Recent Professional Development
WG/T/8 Measuring Indicator 4.c.5: Summary update
   Proposed Metadata for Interim Reporting on SDG Indicator 4.c.5

Working group documents - Education expenditure (finance)

# Name of document
WG/F/1 Concept note for WG meeting
WG/F/2 Terms of reference
WG/F/3 Producing Internationally Comparable Education Expenditure Data: Data Sources, Coverage, and Challenges
WG/F/4 A Proposed Methodology for SDG Thematic Indicator 4.5.3

Working group documents - Education in emergencies 

# Name of document
WG/EiE/1 Concept note for WG meeting
WG/EiE/2 Terms of reference
WG/EiE/3 Technical paper on the challenges and elements of strategy for the development process of refugees’ and migrants’ education statistics