TCG7 Agenda

Day 1 27 October 2020

Chair: Juan Daniel Oviedo (Colombia)

Opening of the meeting and introduction of the members (Manos Antoninis)

GEM Debrief GEM declaration
- GEM Declaration  Presentation Kazuhiro Yoshida
- Global Architecture and next steps after the GEM   Presentation Maki Katsuno-Hayashikawa
Update on 2020 Revision Framework TCG-7/REF/1 Silvia Montoya
Report on the TCG general progress TCG-7/REF/2 Silvia Montoya
Meeting objectives and voting procedure TCG 7 Concept Note Silvia Montoya
  TCG Voting Rules  

Clear objectives and update members on 2020 Revision Framework

Day 2 28 October 2020

Chair: Tiina Annus (Estonia)

1. Data Collection: General impact and new methods

- General impact of COVID-19 crisis  on data collection Gero Carletto (WBG)
- Main impacts on UIS data collection on education survey planning units TCG-7/I/4 Daniel Capistrano
- New methods of data collection during COVID-19 crisis Joao Pedro Wagner de Azevedo (WBG)
Michael Ward (OECD)
Noam Angrist (Young love)

2. National experiences on data collection and reporting

  • Russia, Marc Agranovitch
  • Brazil, Juliana da Silvia
  • Bangladesh, Rahman Habibur
  • Lebanon, Iman Assi
  • Zambia, Coster Chibwe

Expected Outcomes

Recommendation on data collection due to COVID-19

Day 3 29 October 2020

Chair: Alpha Bah (Gambia)

Presentation of the technical proposal 

Expected Outcomes

Endorsement of proposed technical definitions, dashboard, and process