Webinar series on Framework for Reopening Schools

Webinar #13: What's next? Lessons on education recovery

The webinar presented the outcomes of the Survey of National Education Responses to COVID-19 School Closures, jointly conducted by UNESCO, UNICEF, the World Bank, and most recently the OECD, by showing the latest snapshot of the COVID-19 impact on various aspects related to the education systems, as well as the policies implemented to assess and remediate them, including strategies to ensure equity and safe reopening of schools for all. The outcomes of the survey are found in the second joint report What's Next? Lessons on Education Recovery: Findings from a Survey of Ministries of Education amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.
For more information on the survey, visit this page.
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Webinar #12: Leveraging data to end learning poverty: Towards a global partnership for learning data

This webinar will introduce the latest country-level estimates of the World Bank-UIS learning poverty indicator, the first since the initial launch of the measure on October 2019, and will bring more recent data from PASEC and TIMSS, and a new regional learning assessment program that took place in East Asia, SEA-PLM.

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Webinar #8: What have we learnt? Overview of national responses to COVID-19

On 4 November, the results from the two first rounds of data collection were showcased as part of the webinar series on Framework for Reopening Schools, sharing the lessons learnt from government responses to school closures from pre-primary to secondary education.

Webinar concept note

Presentation by Silvia Montoya, UIS

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19

Launch of the Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 (3rd iteration) and Rapid Assessment Surveys

This webinar focused on the launch of the 3rd iteration of the Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 on School Closures and of the Survey to Monitoring Impact on Main Education Data Aggregates (MIMEA).

During the webinar, the survey team explained the survey content and the main education aggregates that it is tracking.

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