Inventory of Household Surveys

The Inventory of Household Surveys shows the availability of household surveys that include educational variables in order to calculate different SDG indicators.

You can either:

a) Navigate the inventory

b) Use the filters to select a region:

  • From the ‘Region Type’ drop-down menu, select the regional grouping of interest: UN Economic and Social Commission, SDG regional group or the World Bank income classification.
  • From the ‘Region’ drop-down menu, select a specific region from the chosen regional grouping. All countries belonging to the selected region will be listed.

The presence of a green box indicates the availability of a survey for that country, year and type of survey. The intensity of the color indicates the number of surveys available.

  1. c) Scroll down and consult the ‘Country’ drop-down menu for further information about a specific country and the ‘Type’ drop-down menu to choose a type of survey.