TCG7 WG Meeting GAML

Pre-TCG working group meetings:

  • Wednesday 21 October
  • Friday 23 October

Agenda for 21 and 23 October Meetings (pdf)



# Name of document
WG/GAML/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/GAML/2 Terms of reference
WG/GAML/3 Children Completing and Learning Indicator
WG/GAML/4 4.1.1 Global proficiency framework (draft)
WG/GAML/5 Policy Linking for Measuring Global Learning Outcomes Toolkit
WG/GAML/6 Minimum Proficiency Levels: Revisions Proposed by ACER
WG/GAML/7 Learning Poverty: Measurement and Simulations
WG/GAML/8 Virtual registry of donors
WG/GAML/9 SDG Indicator 4.5.2 (Home Language): Methodological Note
SDG Indicator 4.a.2 (School Bullying): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/11 SDG Indicator 4.a.1 (School Environment): Methodological Note
WG/GAML/12 4.c.7 Recent Professional Development
WG/GAML/13 GAML Taskforce 4.6 Progress Report 2020
Learning through the lifecycle in multi-topic national household surveys
WG/GAML/15 4.7.6 Breadth of Skills Interim Pilot Report