Bridging Regional Education Monitoring Frameworks to the SDG 4 Global Framework

In 2014, the Synthesis Report of the Secretary-General on the Post-2015 Agenda, proposed four levels of monitoring with complementary objectives to promote a culture of mutual accountability, and to help countries progress towards achieving SDG4 based on their own contexts and starting points: a country-led, a regional, a global, and a thematic component.

Understanding the  alignment and coherence between the global, regional and national education agendas is key to strengthen national planning and to prompt exchanges on challenges and good practices, promote mutual learning and, ultimately, lead to common actions.

A series of regional reports bridging the global SDG 4 framework with regional education monitoring frameworks was launched in January 2021 with a first report for the African continent, Bridging the CESA 16-25 framework with the global SDG 4 framework and has now been expanded to the rest of the world (Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Arab States, and Europe, North America and the Caucasus). Data tools tailored to each region have also been produced to contribute to the dialogue.


Bridging CESA and SDG 4 in Africa










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Education Baseline in Africa: CESA and SDG 4 Monitoring 


A suite of products sets the baseline for education in the African continent and provide an overview of the implementation of the regional CESA 16-25 and global SDG 4 education frameworks since their adoption in 2015. 

The series of products include 2 publications, country tables and country profiles.

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