The working group met twice before the TCG 7th meeting: on 6th and 20th of October 2020.

On 6 October, the first meeting of the working group, the detail and the draft of the terms of references were presented to the working group members.

The second meeting, on 20 October, presentations included:

WG/HHS/1 Concept note for WG meetings
WG/HHS/2 Terms of reference
WG/HHS/3 Adjusted Bayesian Completion Rates (ABC) Estimation - Technical Report
WG/HHS/4 Regional and global averages
WG/HHS/5 4.1.4 Out-of-school children: Methodological review update
WG/HHS/6 Issues and recommended approaches for using disability variables for education indicators in household surveys (MICS 6)
WG/HHS/7 4.5.4 Household expenditure: Processing education expenditure data from household surveys