TCG7 WG Meeting – Education Expenditure data

The working group met twice before the TCG 7th meeting:

22 October 2020
1st Meeting of the TCG Working Group on Expenditure on Education Data: Terms of Reference
  by Ethel Agnes Valenzuela, SEAMEO
IMF Engagement on Social Spending
  by David Coady, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Equity in financing, A proposal for thematic indicator 4.5.3
  by Manos Antoninis, GEMR
Demystifying the PER: What is a Public Expenditure Review and how scary is it to do one?
  by Sachiko Kataoka, the World Bank


WG/F/1 Concept note for WG meeting
WG/F/2 Terms of reference
WG/F/3 Producing Internationally Comparable Education Expenditure Data: Data Sources, Coverage, and Challenges
WG/F/4 A Proposed Methodology for SDG Thematic Indicator 4.5.3