The Repository of Education Indicator Reports shows the different links to national reports that include statistical data on enrolment, repeaters, teachers and school infrastructure in order to calculate different SDG indicators.

You can either:

  1. Navigate the repository
  2. Use the filters to select a country:
    • From the ‘Region or Classification’ drop-down menu, select the region or type of classification of interest:
      • UN Economic and Social Commission (EC Region);
      • SDG regional group (SDG Region); or
      • the World Bank income classification (WB Region).

All countries belonging to the region selected will be listed.

    • From the ‘Country’ drop-down menu, select the country of interest.
    • In the right panel, select the year of interest.
    • Click on the circle to get a link and then click on the link.


Download tables and figures (an Excel file will download)