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The UIS and partners are currently collecting data for the Survey of National Education Responses to the COVID-19 School Closures and the Survey to Monitoring Impact on Main Education Data Aggregates (MIMEA) until 28 April 2021 (submission deadline has been extended).

Setting Benchmarks to Achieve SDG 4 Targets

At this critical juncture and with the need to present benchmarks at the next Global Education Meeting in 2021, it is important for regional organizations to share their thoughts on these next steps, learn from each other and single out the next steps in the proposed timeline.


Continental Overview: Bridging CESA and SDG 4 in Africa

This SDG 4 Regional Report, Continental Overview: Bridging CESA and SDG 4 in Africa, provides an overview of the current progress of African countries in relation to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Education and the Continental Education Strategy.

Download the report (EnglishFrançais)