Navigate SDG 4 Indicators 

The sustainable development goals (SDGs) have ushered in a new monitoring framework in education. Its aims are to be truly universal, to match the ambition of the targets, and to go beyond the traditional boundaries of education management information systems. Countries need data to monitor the education progress and prepare for medium- and long-term strategies based on a systematic understanding of the SDG targets and global overview. Up-to-date information on the impacts of policy interventions and responses at the global level is needed to support subsequent educational planning and programming to deploy effective learning strategies.

The following dashboards present the SDG 4 indicators by region and country and SDG 4 targets in three dashboards with historical data series 2010-2020: a global one by region, one to browse SDG 4 indicators by individual country, and one dedicated to SDG 4 benchmark indicators.

Global Dashboard

Country Dashboard

Benchmark Indicators Dashboard

An overview of SDG 4 indicators and the progress by region and targets for all the countries in a selected region.

An overview of SDG 4 targets and indicators and their progress by country.

An overview of 6 SDG 4 indicators selected for benchmarking values by region and country.