Fourth Meeting of the TCG

The Fourth TCG meeting focused specifically on:

   Review and ratify the TCG work plans for 2018;
   Approve the report on benchmarking
    recommendations for indicators;
   Discuss and update the list of indicators to be
    reported in 2018 and overall indicators’ periodicity
    Advance the discussion on potential new indicators
    to be included in the 2018 revision with the approval
    of a preliminary list;
    Endorse the report requested by the SDG-Education
    2030 Steering Committee on the status of
    development and availability of SDG 4 indicators;
    Approve the TCG rotation mechanism and broader
    governance proposal.

Meeting documents

  Concept note (EN | FR)
   Agenda (EN | FR)
   Participants list
   TCG Report to the Education 2030 Steering     Committee


   Session 2: Global Update
   Session 2d: GAML
   Session 3: UIS activities with household survey
     data on education and equity

   Session 3: Target 4.4 and NEET analysis
   Session 3a: Data coverage
   Session 3b: Progress report indicators

   Session 4a4c: Progress on learning outcomes
    skills indicators

   Session 4b: Indicator 4.1
   Session 7.a: Progress and outputs from WG2
   Session 7.c: Update on CapED pilot
   Session 7.d: SDG 4 Digest
   Session 8: WG3 progress report
   Session 9: Benchmarking and minimum

   Session 10b: Strategy of interim reporting
   Session 11a: Implementation of SDG 4 in Brazil
   Session 11b: Implementation of SDG 4
    in India

   Session 11c: Oman
   Session 11d: Statistical follow-up of goal 4 in

   Session 12: Investment Case for SDG 4 data
   Session 13: Implementation of the 
    SDG 4 indicators

   Session 14: TCG Governance