Second Meeting of the TCG

The second TCG meeting has the following purposes, to:

    Discuss and agree the list of thematic indicators to be
     recommended by the TCG for the adoption by the
     SDG-Education 2030 Steering Committee;
    Update participants on the implementation process
     regarding the SDG global indicators led by the
     Inter‐Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators;
    Clarify the Data Governance Structure for SDG 4;
    Identify the steps needed to operationalise the
     thematic indicators and establish working groups.

Meeting documents

   Concept note
   Participants list
   Meeting summary
   Open consultation of TCG on thematic education
     indicators (launched on 22 August 2016)

   Open consultation of TCG on placeholders
     (temporary replacement indicators) for selected
     global and thematic education indicators
     (launched on 14 November 2016)

   A Note on indicator tiers and placeholders